Earth: Out-numbered, Out-monstered, Out-done.
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ゴジラ ファイナルウォーズ ()
ゴジラ ファイナルウォーズ () ゴジラ ファイナルウォーズ () 6.6 / 10 by 59 users
Title:Godzilla: Final Wars
Original Title:ゴジラ ファイナルウォーズ
Release: 2004-12-04
Country: Japan
Language: 日本語, English, 广州话 / 廣州話
Runtime: 125 min.
Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller

 Production Company:Toho Film (Eiga) Co. Ltd.
 Description:ゴジラ ファイナルウォーズ Full Movie. Watch ゴジラ ファイナルウォーズ full movie online, download ゴジラ ファイナルウォーズ () in 720p, 1080p, HD.
 Plot Keyword:monster, giant monster, tokusatsu, scientist, multiple monsters, gojira, rodan, kaiju, ghidora
 Alternative Titles:
  • Godzilla - Final Wars
  • Godzilla 28: Godzilla: Final Wars
  • ゴジラ FINAL WARS
  • Gojira: Fainaru uôzu
  • 고질라 - 파이널 워즈

 ã‚´ã‚¸ãƒ© ファイナルウォーズ Full Movie Storytelling

After watching yesterday’s ゴジラ ファイナルウォーズ, I agreed that this is the best ゴジラ ファイナルウォーズ movie, a lot better than the 1st one. Here are the aspects we both agreed on (please inform me if I did let the cat out of the bag):

1. The action is vastly improved & we get to see the development of their fighting skills, solo & as a team.

2. About the story, there are a few subplots in the 1st half where you can’t guess what kind of plot it’s focusing on. But, there’s a plot twist in the middle which will shock the hell out of you guys & reveal the actual main plot!

3. There’s a lot of humour & they never fail to amuse us, even in tough situations. Even better, the jokes are always played at the right place & at the right time.

4. We love the pop songs played throughout the film. They are enjoyable & really lighten up the mood. Same as the humour, at the right place & at the right time.

5. A lot of character development, emotions & relationships are strongly emphasized in this film. It perfectly nailed the tension, the breakdowns, heartwarming scenes, everything.

6. The 5 post-credits scenes are very interesting & quite funny too. The credits are a lot different compared to other MCU films (some interesting stuff can be seen during the credits)

IMO, James Gunn, his crew, all the actors & actresses & Toho Film (Eiga) Co. Ltd. did it again! Like I said before, this movie is a vast improvement compared to ゴジラ ファイナルウォーズ from 2014 (it’s a fun film too). & I can really say that of the ゴジラ ファイナルウォーズ movies. said that he would explain what it means to be a family in this movie & he really nailed it! This movie really made me <3 Toho Film (Eiga) Co. Ltd. a lot more! great job! Thank you guys! We really enjoyed it.
Our rating: 10/10


Why you have need to watch ゴジラ ファイナルウォーズ Full Movie

Brilliant film jst as good as the 1st one..lots of laughs and bloody heaps of tears 😱😂..ゴジラ ファイナルウォーズ

Seen this 7 times already and it just gets better each time easily as good if not better than the first one can’t wait for ゴジラ ファイナルウォーズ 3

I stopped watching this clip when they cut half the image out so it fits on your stupid phone. Apparently someone in marketing thinks it’s too much effort to turn your phone 90 degrees so you get the full frame. Why go back to the old television style?
Praying for your continued success. We are all cheering you on. When you are a mega mega mega star, please stay humble and centered. Do not lose who you really are at your core. – grandma Rosie

just watched this movie and it wasnt as good as the first one. well thats the ending for you guys have fun watching the movie!

Who would have thought that Yondu sacrifices himself trying to save Peter in space after defeating Ego after knowing that he is bad and that I implant the tumor in the brain of his mother, and that monster, giant monster, tokusatsu, scientist, multiple monsters, gojira, rodan, kaiju, ghidora

I didn’t know if the movie was a musical or concert how many songs they played I usually like a movie with my movie.

Shin'ichi Ôzaki

Characters : Shin'ichi Ôzaki

Actor : Masahiro Matsuoka

Miyuki Otonashi

Characters : Miyuki Otonashi

Actor : Rei Kikukawa

Captain Douglas Gordon

Characters : Captain Douglas Gordon

Actor : Don Frye

UN Secretary General Naotarô Daigo

Characters : UN Secretary General Naotarô Daigo

Actor : Akira Takarada

Katsunori Kazama

Characters : Katsunori Kazama

Actor : Kane Kosugi

Anna Otonashi

Characters : Anna Otonashi

Actor : Maki Mizuno

Commander Akiko Namikawa

Characters : Commander Akiko Namikawa

Actor : Kumi Mizuno

Xilian General

Characters : Xilian General

Actor : Masatō Ibu

Major Kita

Characters : Major Kita

Actor : Masanobu Takashima

The controller of Planet X

Characters : The controller of Planet X

Actor : Kazuki Kitamura

Female Xilian

Characters : Female Xilian

Actor : Reika Kirishima


Characters : Xilian

Actor : Tak Sakaguchi

Characters :

Actor : Shuya Yoshimoto


Characters : Gojira

Actor : Tsutomu Kitagawa

Major Kumoro

Characters : Major Kumoro

Actor : Jun Kunimura

Original Gotengo Deputy Captain

Characters : Original Gotengo Deputy Captain

Actor : Kôichi Ueda

Original Gotengo Commander

Characters : Original Gotengo Commander

Actor : Akira Nakao

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